Action KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, under ERASMUS+ programme, provides for the development of partnership projects offering institutions the opportunity to cooperate to implement innovative practices leading to institutional modernisation and social innovation.

Coimbra Agricultural School (ESAC) participates in the following projects:

CDAE – Curriculum Development in Agroecology
The innovative character of the CDAE project lies on the fact that it aims to create a new MSc programme in a specialized academic area and key regulatory/policy issue, namely “Agroecology” that is as much absent from Partner HEI graduate and postgraduate programmes. The project aims to address this absence and the needs of the region and to deliver an MSc programme that will incorporate ecological principles and knowledge into the study of cropping and farming systems. In addition, it will introduce ecological rationality and methods into agriculture to minimize chemical inputs and costs, complement watershed and field conservation programmes, plan systems according to local resources and land capabilities, and make efficient use of water, nutrients and genetic resources. As a result, professionals will be well prepared for the future design and management of a sustainable agriculture.

CIRCULAR – Circular Economy Living Laboratories Supporting Social Innovation in Southeast Asia
CIRCULAR will help boost the social innovation ecosystem in Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos by bringing together and reinforcing the links between Teaching, Research, Innovation and Society in order to collaboratively design and test innovative solutions to mitigate waste management problems, promote circular economy approaches and improve the quality of life of local communities, supported by a socially engaged student body that is committed to environmental sustainability.

FIRESHEPHERDS – Shepherds of the XXIst century: increasing professionalism in the management of extensive livestock, wildfires and landscape in the era of global change
FireShepherds started at the beginning of 2019 with the aim to prepare next generations of Shepherds in the management of extensive livestock with wildfire prevention purposes. The project has its basis on different common problems that the project regions are currently facing: the decrease of shepherds working with animals in extensive regime and the large wildfires that visit us every summer. For that reasons, it is very important to start managing the forest again, as it was done decades ago. To do so, a proper training of shepherds from the next generations is a key action if we want to achieve a fire resilient landscape.
In addition, one of FireShepherds’ vocations is to make information on these subjects available to everyone.

EQVEGAN – European Qualifications & Competences for the Vegan Food Industry
The EQVEGAN project has been funded by the European Commission through the Sector Skills Alliance Programme (SSA) as part of the Key Action 2 projects. Sector Skills Alliances aim at tackling skills gaps, by identifying sector specific labour market needs and demand for new skills with regard to one or more occupational profiles, or by enhancing the responsiveness of initial and continuing VET systems, at any level, to sector–specific labour market needs.

The OLIVER is a project in the framework of the small-scale partnerships in vocational education and training that focuses on “University-Industry Cooperation for the Production of High Quality Olives”. This project will produce blended learning environments (in-class and practical training) for users that will increase the survival rate of small-scale olive producers. The outputs of the OLIVER project will provide structural solutions not only to the project implementation regions, but also to olive producers facing similar challenges across both countries. OLIVER will be a reference guide for those who want to grow quality and market competitive products.


ECOLUTION – mastErs COurse on smart sustainability soLUTIONs
The mastErs COurse on smart sustainability soLUTIONs (ECOLUTION) project aims to develop an advanced interactive certified MSc course related to applications that will train individuals with the necessary skills & knowledge to work in the rising “Smart Environmental Sustainability” industry.